1. Who Are We?
    11 Dec, 2018
    Who Are We?
    A 5-minute read could lead to a pain-free life.
  2. What's the harm?
    28 Jun, 2018
    What's the harm?
    Doctors have massively different skill sets. The problem is that you pay with your health for these differences.
  3. Running From Injury
    31 Jan, 2018
    Running From Injury
    3 simple tests to determine your injury risk.
  4. low back pain
    11 Dec, 2017
    Low Back Pain
    Why is low back pain so common? Why is it so rarely fixed?
  5. knee pain
    11 Dec, 2017
    Knee Pain
    Does your knee fully flex? Has a Doctor tried restoring knee flexion?
  6. Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain
    11 Dec, 2017
    Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain
    Do you even have plantar fasciitis? A common diagnosis for something that is rarely the problem.
  7. shoulder pain
    11 Dec, 2017
    Shoulder Pain
    The most common cause of shoulder pain is also the most under-diagnosed and ineffectively treated. Fortunately, with expert care it's also the most fixable.
  8. tight hamstrings
    07 Dec, 2017
    Hamstrings: Forever Tight?
    Find out why your hamstrings always feel tight and why stretching won't help.
  9. vital sign
    21 Sep, 2017
    Mobility: A Vital Measure
    Limited mobility has predictable consequences just like high blood pressure. Find out why.
  10. how is our treatment different
    15 Jun, 2017
    How is this different?
    Find out what makes us different from other forms of soft tissue therapy and conservative care.
  11. Results that last
    08 Jun, 2017
    Results that last: for how long?
    Find out what makes our results long lasting and why this is the most effective solution for solving your muscle, nerve, and joint pain.
  12. ski pain injury risk
    17 May, 2017
    Ski Pain: 3 simple tests for injury risk
    Find out if the ski season put you at risk of injury.
  13. Exercise Injury Risk
    14 Apr, 2017
    Exercise: use without abuse
    Is your exercise routine doing more harm than good?
  14. chiropractic chiropractor crack back
    30 Mar, 2017
    A Chiropractor that doesn't crack your back?
    Find out why we focus on function instead of just your symptoms. If you want pain gone for good, treatment has to restore function.
  15. Tendonitis achilles pain degeneration tendinosis
    02 Mar, 2017
    Tendonitis: Inflammation or Degeneration?
    Have you been diagnosed with tendonitis? Learn why your problem has been so hard to fix.
  16. mobility tools
    23 Feb, 2017
    Foam Rolling: The Limitations of Mobility Work
    MobilityWOD: With-Out a Diagnosis
  17. Pain Your Body's Check Engine Light
    16 Feb, 2017
    Pain: Your Body's Check Engine Light
    Many things treat pain, but very few fix the real problem. Learn why Avail Soft Tissue is your best option in the Roaring Fork Valley.
  18. disc pain
    26 Jan, 2017
    Disc Pain: The Science of "Throwing Out Your Back"
    What does it mean to "throw out your back"? How can you prevent it?
  19. nerve pain
    19 Jan, 2017
    The Most Common Cause of Sciatica: Nerve Entrapment
    Sciatica is only a label for pain. This doesn't help solve your problem. Find out how our chiropractic treatment fixes it for good.
  20. adhesion pain
    12 Jan, 2017
    Adhesion: #1 Cause of Muscle, Nerve, & Joint Pain
    The most common cause of pain, weakness, and inflexibility.

What Patient's Are Saying

Dr. Holen is the real deal. His dedication to training and expertise is unparalleled. He has the skills and discipline to solve your painful problems and manage any condition. He is humble and knows his limitations. If he can't fix you (highly unlikely!), he will definitely help you find out what can help the most.

Brandon C.