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Chronic pain? Little to no relief?
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If you've had pain for 3+ months with
little to no relief from 2+ therapies, we can help. 

Dr. Holen specializes in finding and fixing muscle adhesion, which acts like glue, making muscles weaker & less flexible.  Adhesion is the most common and misdiagnosed condition in the human body.  With expert care, adhesion is entirely fixable, providing sustainable relief for chronic pain. 

The Problem

The Solution

1. Consult

2. Exam 

3. Treatment

4. Relief 

First, we meet to discuss your injury and determine if you qualify for an exam

If you're a candidate, the next step is a comprehensive exam to determine your diagnosis.  Understanding what's wrong and what can be done provides the best results. 

Over a series of visits we gradually break down adhesion to restore range of motion.  Finally, we strengthen muscles with specific rehab exercises.  

Restoring full range of motion  & strength decompresses damaged tissue significantly reducing pain and slowing down the degenerative process.  

Common Conditions

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Knee Pain & More

Back Pain & Sciatica

What Patients Are Saying

I had already been to two physical therapists, two chiropractors, and several massage therapists without any positive, long-lasting change. His dedication to helping me improve by eliminating soft tissue adhesion changed my life. I highly recommend Dr. Holen!

Vicki F.

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