Elbow & Wrist Adhesion

Forearm adhesion develops in muscles most commonly from overuse like gripping or typing.
Acting like glue, adhesion progressively limits flexibility & strength.
Over time this damages the joints of the neck, causing pain.  

 Our treatment restores flexibility and strength.  Fixing adhesion reduces pain and slows degeneration by decompressing damaged tissue, adding years of healthy use.


How will this help?

Pain is primarily caused by damaged tissue from increased load.  
Limited flexibility increases the load on joints.  
Fixing adhesion restores flexibility reducing pain with long term results.

Problems from Forearm Adhesion

Tennis Elbow

Golfers Elbow

Nerve Pain


What Patient's Are Saying

Dr. Holen has helped me countless times recover from injuries and in some cases prevent them from even happening. He took the time to explain exactly why I was in pain and put a percentage of function on every test he did. If you want the right answer to why you are in pain or always stiff/tight do not hesitate to contact Dr. Holen. It is well worth your time and money.

Seth S.

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