Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

We ​do not accept insurance as insurance companies are interested in saving money, not quality care.  We provide a complete and accurate diagnosis of your injury along with the highest quality conservative care to fix it. Your health is our priority, but insurance companies make this level of care impossible.  To this end, our office can only provide excellent care and results by not participating in insurance.            

If you are looking for results and transparency, then we have the same goals.  
We accept cash, check, major credit cards, flexible & health savings accounts (FSA & HSA).      

What is the cost?

Initial Consultation: $20 Charitable Donation
(Discuss your injury and determine if you're a candidate for care)

New Patient Comprehensive Exam: $120
(Patient history, review of medical records, functional exam, and report of findings)

Follow-Up Treatments: $55
(Manual Therapy, Exercise, Load Management)

Can Dr. Holen help me?

If you have any muscle, nerve, or joint pain, then you are a good candidate for care.  If other therapies have failed to fix your injury or you haven't reached your maximum level of improvement, you're also a good candidate.  Dr. Holen specializes in finding and fixing adhesion and nerve entrapments.  These are the most common causes of muscle, nerve, and joint injuries.  These problems are difficult to find and even more so to fix.  

Our type of care is highly specialized and unique which offers solutions to problems other providers fail to diagnose.  With a complete and accurate diagnosis, in the rare instance that we can't help, we will discuss your best options and get you to the right place. 

All potential new patients are required to schedule a Charitable Consultation first.  Consultations are 15 minutes, and Dr. Holen will briefly discuss your injury and determine if you are in the right place.  The cost is $20 with 100% donated to Colorado Animal Rescue.     

What is the process of care?

Charitable consultations are 15 minutes, consisting of detailed questions about your pain.  Consultations are a *required* first step for every new patient.  It is used as a screening procedure to ensure that you're in the right place and we can help.  If it's determined you're a good candidate for care, the next step is to schedule a comprehensive exam.  

The Comprehensive Exam is 30-45 minutes which entails a detailed patient history, physical exam, review of previous imaging/medical history, complete and accurate diagnosis, report of findings, and treatment plan.  Dr. Holen will also discuss any other complicating factors that may be present or could become a problem.  Please bring any imaging and relevant radiology reports.  The exam does not include treatment. If your problem is not severe enough to find out the cause and what can be done to help, then we are not the clinic for you…yet. 

Follow up visits are 10-15 minutes and duration of care depends on the exam and diagnosis.  On average, a single region of complaint (i.e., shoulder or low back) can reach a full resolution or maximum medical improvement within 12-16 visits. We typically see sustainable, functional changes within 1-2 visits. Most patients begin to feel lasting improvements in pain within 2-3 visits.     

Where are you located?

We are located in the Blue Roof building at 401 27th Street Suite #170.  
West off Highway 82 on 27th Street along the Roaring Fork River.  
A parking lot and easy access from the Rio Grande Trail.

What do I wear for my appointment?

Please wear athletic clothing, if possible, as we need access to the area of pain to treat it.  
For example, tank top for a shoulder injury or athletic shorts for a lower-body injury.   

Do any other treatments do the same thing?

The short answer is no. There are other hands-on and instrument-based therapies that may seem similar, but the difference is in our results.  If you have an injury and limited mobility caused by adhesion, only Integrative Diagnosis providers have specific training in how to diagnose and treat these problems.  
Dr. Holen is 1 of only 4 providers in the state and the only one West of Denver.  

How do I schedule a consult?

By Appointment Only
The easiest way to schedule is to fill out the form below.
We can also be reached at (970​) 930-6255 or [email protected]

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