Mid-Back Adhesion

Adhesion develops in mid-back muscles most commonly from overuse and poor posture.  Acting like glue, adhesion progressively limits flexibility & strength.
Over time this damages the joints of the mid-back, causing pain.  

 Our treatment restores flexibility & strength.  Fixing adhesion reduces pain and slows degeneration by decompressing damaged tissue, adding years of healthy use.


How will this help?

Pain is primarily caused by damaged tissue from increased load. Limited flexibility increases the load on joints.  
Fixing adhesion restores flexibility reducing pain with long term results.

Problems from Mid-Back Adhesion

Disc Injury

Referral Pain

Muscle Spasms


What Patient's Are Saying

The experience at Avail was excellent all around - from the initial consultation to determine if this treatment made sense for me, to the measurements that Dr. Holen takes to make sure we know my progress. By the second appointment, I had very noticeable results! The treatments to breakdown adhesion in the muscles are not at all painful or uncomfortable - and Dr. Holen does a tremendous job of explaining exactly what he is doing and why.  I am back to full mobility and I have no pain! I am so glad I found this treatment right here in Glenwood Springs!

Nicole C.

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