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Fixing adhesion reduces pain by
restoring mobility and strength.  

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If you have pain, weakness, or limited flexibility, you likely have the most common problems in the human body, muscle adhesion, and nerve entrapments.  Adhesion acts like glue sticking muscles, nerves, and other soft tissues together.  These problems are rarely diagnosed accurately or treated effectively, but with expert care from Dr. Holen, they are highly fixable. 




Muscles with adhesion can’t stretch or contract properly.  This makes muscles weaker and unstable.  Our treatment improves strength & stability.

Adhesion acts like glue making
you weaker and less flexible.  Fixing adhesion improves your body's function by increasing flexibility & strength. 

Full range of motion is critical to have healthy muscles & joints.  Fixing adhesion restores mobility, slows degeneration, & decreases injury risk. 

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Limited mobility is the primary cause of pain, weakness, and degeneration.  
Restoring healthy mobility is the first and most important step in fixing musculoskeletal problems.  
Our treatment reduces pain by fixing adhesion, restoring mobility, and improving strength. 


Our goal is to provide objective and transparent health care.  Please review our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for detailed information on the process, pricing, average duration of care, and more.  Investing in your health is an important decision, and we want to make the process as straightforward as possible.  If you have any questions, contact us.

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We partnered with Colorado Animal Rescue to give back to the Roaring Fork Valley community.  All proceeds from our Charitable Consultations will be donated directly to C.A.R.E.

Consultations are an opportunity to meet with Dr. Holen, discuss your injury and determine if you are a candidate for care, all while helping a great cause. Take your first step toward a pain-free life by scheduling your Charitable Consultation.

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Located at 401 27th St. in the Blue Roof professional building, Suite #170, just off Highway 82 and West on 27th Street. Our office is the first door on the left side of the building.  

Dr. Holen is the only provider within 150 miles of the Roaring Fork Valley certified via Integrative Diganosis℠ to diagnose and treat muscle adhesions and nerve entrapments.    

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I had already been to a two physical therapists, two chiropractors, and several massage therapists without any positive, long-lasting change. His dedication to helping me improve by eliminating soft tissue adhesion changed my life. I highly recommend Dr. Holen!

Vicki F.

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